Exploring travel requisites with Nappa Dori

Exploring travel requisites

Exploring travel requisites with Nappa Dori

Discovering newer sides of ourselves becomes inevitable in a milieu of profound moments stitched together by the peculiar charm of the offbeat. Unfamiliar scents and alleys acquaint us with delightful musings and the right travel companion smoothens the course of the journey. There’s no escaping this fact. Be it a contemplative solo trip during a gap year, a family vacation, or an invigorating trip with friends, all require a wieldy piece for storage. And since travel sets a path towards occasions that would be filled with the thrill of a forthcoming adventure, this aspect becomes a necessity.


Unveiling an artisanal centre

A convenient piece of travel equipment goes a long way to make all our ventures special. Integrating functionality and durability it takes us to our destination with ease. Embodying this idea are our luggage bags, handcrafted by Karigars in small batches, bringing to the surface, the distinctive Indian artisanal style. Our lightweight suitcases, marked by this unique artistic bearing take the edge off travel abrasion to pave the way for smooth travel. Travel is separated from ordinary life and is a heartening unfolding that dispenses everyone with a taste of transformation opening our perspectival vaults to a range of events that would be forever cherished. An undemanding travel gear, therefore, is integral to yielding a memorable getaway.


Believing design to be transformative with the potential to shift perspectives, pragmatism is elemental to Nappa Dori’s design philosophy. For it facilitates a form that’s all-purpose and convenient. Our trunks are prompted by this view, handcrafted in sheet metal with a spacious interior to bolster an efficient storage capacity. The trunks also incorporate the tenets of minimalism in terms of design which informs our overall outlook as well. The reasoning behind this thought stems from the view of creating timeless pieces that will remain forever etched in the memory of those on the path toward exploration.

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Trails of Finesse

Effective handling of possessions assists in shifting focus toward exploring a new life of adventure and enables us to safely store our belongings so that we can navigate the path less frequented with ease. This holds true for gear meant for holding small items as well. Highlighting the importance of this feature is the Grenadier Collection, inspired by the legacy of military engineering. Handcrafted in genuine harness leather, all the bags of this collection reference the practicality blueprinted in the pieces of equipment used by the regiments of Grenadiers and Sappers. Minimalist form, spacious interiors, and a honed appearance, oriented towards maximising one’s comfort, are the definitive characteristics of this collection, making it an earnest travel bag.

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Although destinations are intrinsic to an expedition, travel for the most part is also about the in-betweens, the riveting sights of the landscapes in spaces unfrequented. It’s about the quaint cafes and interiors propelling us to absorb their ethereal impressions in every which way and the beautiful moments we freeze. Bringing this spirit of wanderlust closer are our Saddle Bags. Its practical form along with a spacious interior guarantees an efficacious holding, while the antique finish brings about a gracious form. This sling bag symbolising the inimitable artistry of leather goods also serves as a great accessory.

jute planter

Convergence Zones

Travel is that unique experience where the two opposing states of verve and mindfulness converge. This might seem like an implausible notion to consider but the spirit of exploration is rife with this feature. Our luxury bags enhance this characteristic of travel by equipping you with its prerequisites. Spacious, sturdy, and sublime to complement every endeavour of yours in all seasons. Emphasis on the material is fundamental to our design principle and hence, all our goods are created using Nappa and Harness Leather. Nappa Leather is a high-quality leather known for its soft and supple texture while harness leather has a rough natural texture with visible grain markings. With an ardour to craft bags meant to be a mark of exceptional craftsmanship that can withstand corrodes caused due to travelling, our bags truly outlast ephemeral trends and styles.