Designed to revive the desire for writing, our “Stop Typing, Start Writing” series of Stationery will make you choose the traditional way of storytelling.

Select from an exclusive range of handcrafted notebooks, pencils, leather organisers, and much more

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Desk Essentials for the Spirited

Recreate the nostalgia of days devoid of screens and clicks with premium stationery meticulously designed with time-honoured methods. Nappa Dori stationery pieces are emblematic of minimalist aesthetics while referencing the ideals of functionalism perfectly.


Get your hands on our Utilitarian Must-haves!

Let our writing tools and journals regale your thoughts with their earthy features. Apart from adding a sense of composure to your workspace and study tables, these handcrafted pieces are also excellent keepers of your essential notes and secrets.
From sleek harness organizers to sturdy spectacle cases, pencils and more! We have a specific and sturdy piece of luxury stationery for every time and hour of the day.

Dossier 01 - Secured neatly with a leather clasp mechanism our Dossier 01 is the ideal carrier of your thoughts. Be it a ritualistic journaling session with oneself or a research-oriented act heavy on notes, this desk stationery is a functional piece you wouldn’t want to ignore!

Memo Case - Safeguard your important IDs and cards with our memo case, a versatile travel stationery handcrafted in genuine leather.

Classic Pencil Set of 6 - Provide substance to your expressions with our unique pencils made out of strong wood, especially for those bound to get the stationery highs!

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