Explore a unique collection of handcrafted accessories from Nappa Dori. Designed with genuine leather and other exquisite materials,

we offer you accessories ranging from classic wallets and card cases to a wide variety of carefully curated travel and tech gear. 

"Minimalism and functionality are key to all our designs."

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Find your Timeless Match!

Accessories bring a sense of functionality and style to our routines, every day, and it is their excessive usability that calls for better-quality products. Nappa Dori accessories are all handcrafted from premium quality materials with the aspect of modern minimalism etched onto every piece.
... The leather accessories of Nappa Dori are elegant yet wieldy, timeless yet trendy and it is this significant attribute that makes them special and unique.

Distinct pieces for the optimum convenience

Handcrafted with the finest quality materials our accessories merge the best of functionality and form to bring to life a timeless bearing that complements us in every aspect of the life we lead, from work requisites to travel to get-togethers, Nappa Dori offers a versatile piece for every occasion.

Apple Watch Strap: Clasp your timepieces with the best watch leather straps! Designed with genuine leather, these Nappa Dori straps exude the idea of refinement like no other!

Belts and Wristbands: All our belts and wristbands feature an unbridled exuberance to elevate your everyday style.

Leather Wrap 11: Available in five colours our sleek organizer will surely bring a sense of ease to your workspace.

Wallets: It’s safe to assume that wallets accompany you everywhere it is therefore worth investing in a timeless piece and this is where Nappa Dori steps in! All our luxury wallets are handcrafted with the finest material, contributing to their longevity and durability.

Our accessories seldom leave our side and it is, therefore, extremely important to choose pieces that are sturdy and can stand the test of time. Nappa Dori accessories check all the boxes for functionality and timelessness since these two notions guide our design approach!

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