Synthesis by Dori Clothing; the epitome of sartorial elegance!

A mindful style capsule amidst ephemeral trends, which are plentiful and multiplying with each passing day is a necessity. Nappa Dori Clothing familiarizes one with the odyssey of minimalism and purpose, all while stringing us closer to a sense of stability and impeccable craft. Expertly crafted from the finest fabrics using sustainable methods, it’s a canvas of purposeful design to help you curate a timeless wardrobe.

... Taking inspiration from the symmetry of furniture design to adapting the universal aspect of life, Synthesis weaves the wisdom of the Bauhaus Movement into the fabrics which too attempted to unify different artistic explorations. From inked pauses to cosmic voids, emerges an echo of unity; a synthesis of tradition and the dynamic today. For, just as different aspects of furniture are conjoined into a seamless whole after perfecting each part to its finest detail, so is this collection of men’s clothing - a reflection of this creative process to bring to life unique pieces of clothing.

Curtis Chore Coat - Rooted in tradition and crafted with luxurious merino wool, this men’s wool coat merges the wisdom of Breuer and Kandinsky into its meticulous design to unravel mindful stylistic paths.

Wool Jacquard Overshirt - Crafted with recycled wool this men’s overshirt is a wardrobe mainstay!

Ellington Sweater - Reflecting the dexterity of our master craftsmen, The Ellington Sweater acquaints you with the symphony of refinement. This woolen sweater conveys the textured bearing of pinewood on a closer look; emblematic of the detailed design.

Duke Twill Jacket – Anchoring the spirit of the 50s The Duke Twill Jacket is a symbol of enduring elegance. Designed with a relaxed silhouette, this jacket features a yoke detailing on one side, crafted for your momentous urban escapades.

Wade Corduroy Trousers - Taking inspiration from the creative process of furniture design, these men’s corduroy trousers weave refinement with the notion of timelessness.

Herringbone Shawl Collar Blazer - Tone with the spike of transitional weather with this herringbone wool blazer, a timeless addition to elevate your capsule.

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