Travel Equipment

The Nappa Dori Travel Equipment offers a peerless addition to your travel arsenal, blending vintage sensibilities in a lightweight design to suit all your journeys.

Embark on your next adventure with Nappa Dori!

Journey with an added flair with Nappa Dori’s Travel Equipment, designed to suit the explorer in you. From weekend getaways to invigorating trips, we’ve got a functional and timeless piece to match every escapade of yours!
... Our collection effectively blends immaculate craftsmanship with emergent aesthetics, adding an elegant stir to your adventures in every season. Our timeless luggage bags and travel suitcases are all detail-oriented and minimalist pieces of travel equipment perfect for every venture. Explore our wide range of travel articles to set about for any expedition with ease.

Explore Our Range

  1. Steamer Collection
  2. Add a vintage sensibility to your travel assemblage with our refined steamer luggage bag, crafted using premium leather.

  3. Aviator Suitcases
  4. This suitcase utilizes a lightweight form making it ideal for all your voyages. Discover your perfect travel bag from our exquisite range for an enlivening expedition.

  5. Trucker
  6. Lined with handwoven ikat fabric and a zipper pocket that compartmentalises the interiors to maximize space, this black suitcase is enhanced with a metal frame to offer durability and featherweight. Find your perfect travel companion from this array of sophisticated lightweight suitcases.

    These wieldy suitcase bags are informed by the tenets of functionality and an inimitable form. It is our interpretation of convenient travel to create a meaningful experience.

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