Dote on Dad! With Timeless Finds and More!

Dote on Dad! With Timeless Finds and More!
A father’s presence is the eternal harbor, a pillar of strength, and a bulwark of integrity and principle. It’s under his guidance, that, we have traversed many countless years with determination and perseverance; a torch bearer for the journey of a thousand miles and more to come. As the day of this timeless bond comes closer we’ve handpicked some of Nappa Dori’s very best that encapsulate and reflect his steadfast presence!

This Father's Day, celebrate his legacy with timeless gifts from Nappa Dori.

1. Melvin Docket - Revere the nurturing roots of your father that take shape through his wisdom and unconditional love with a gift that symbolizes this aspect, the Melvin Docket! Handcrafted in apple leather, it also nurtures nature's gentle and abiding spirit. Designed for a lifetime, this versatile accessory can fit your father’s iPad, bringing a sense of ease to his work schedule and leisurely getaways alike!
Melvin Docket - Apple Leather
2. Chamber Watch Case - Give the guardians of growth a promising chamber of time, for their exquisite watches. Handcrafted to organise timepieces with the touch of panache they deserve, this watch case embraces a refined texture.

For a man whose care has always stood the test of time, this makes for an ideal gift to safeguard something valuable to him! As a father's watch is more than a mere device, transcending its basic function; it is also an heirloom that spans generations, and as such our watch cases are meticulously handcrafted to guard and protect the stories associated with it. With its refined form and utilitarian bearing, this watch case will serve as both a priceless companion and a continual source of reminder to treasure every moment that passes.
Chamber Watch Case
3. Clapton Crossbody - Celebrate the enduring bond with expertly crafted products from our newest apple leather collection, a symbol of resilience and longevity; much like the eternal bond that you share with your father! A functional carry for enabling effortless organization during travels, the Clapton Crossbody is the ideal Father’s Day present for the globetrotter dad!

Clapton Crossbody
4. Voyager Laptop Bag - Apple leather serves as a powerful symbol of resilience and timelessness. Fathers bear semblance to these qualities, as they weather life’s storms and lead by example, instilling in their children the importance of perseverance, and determination; much like the resilient fibers of apple leather. In celebrating Father’s Day, we honour the strength and fortitude of fathers everywhere, and therefore it’s pertinent to invest in a present that recognizes and captures their role in shaping our future.
Voyager Laptop Bag

The Voyager Laptop Bag intertwines environmental stewardship with luxury for a better future. For the future of luxury lies not in the amount, rather the quantity possessed but in how we shape a more sustainable tomorrow with conscious and mindful choices.

5. Ted Chukka Shoes - This Father’s Day let him step into finesse with our Ted Chukka Shoes!

Ted Chukka Shoes
The classic design and detailed craftsmanship of these shoes are symbolic of the firm foundation that your father has given you all of your life, from encouraging you to take your initial steps to help you find your way in life and therefore, is the perfect Father’s Day gift!