A Chapter On Sartorial Elegance

In the meteoric maze of trends, plentiful, compelling us to scamper through its labyrinth to match the spike, a minimalist clothing capsule embodying stability yields comfort.

Nappa Dori Clothing is an attempt to create mindful pieces of clothing that last a lifetime. Intending to find beauty in its purest form using traditional time-honored techniques, it’s an expression of the self which stays constant amidst the many ebbs and flows of life.

Your Essence, handcrafted

Taking inspiration from the cohesive and textured bearing of furniture design which mirrors the congruity of life, akin to Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair, symbolizing Bauhaus wisdom; Nappa Dori Clothing is a tale of elevated craftsmanship to bring to life a new perspective signifying, creativity, innovation, and life’s consonance. For, just as different parts of furniture are conjoined into a seamless whole after being perfected to its finest detail, each piece of our collection is meticulously crafted with strict attention to detail.

Each piece of this collection is crafted with high-quality sustainable fabrics with thorough quality checks, initiating you into mindful clothing.

What’s in a name?

From inked pauses to cosmic voids, emerges an echo of unity; a Synthesis of tradition and the dynamic today, to unearth a new chasm.

Synthesis is a brushstroke of simplicity and artistry to blur the lines between movable and wearable art. Reflecting the harmony of furniture, it opens the window to the sublime with each thread weaving Bauhaus dreams. It is an Odyssey of Simplicity, which matches modern-day functionalism with timeless jackets adorning rounded edges in collars, cuffs, and pockets, thereby, reducing seams to their fundamentals.

Small yet significant alterations to familiar garments such as an extended hemline at the back of jackets, and pockets with double stitch detailing further convey the continuity from furniture to clothing, symbolizing the continuum of life.

Versatile form with a timeless presence

A testament to versatility in every form in the embrace of the finest fabrics such as bemberg, herringbone, cotton twill, merino wool, etc, Synthesis communicates the narrative of future-forward design rising from the embers of nostalgia. The knitwear for instance embodies relaxed elegance at its finest; The Ellington Sweater and The Montgomery Shawl Collar Cardigan, each feature a slight drop on the shoulder to add a modern flair while the silhouette places it closer to the notion of timelessness. The trousers from this collection take us closer to the enduring elegance that complements the rhythm of any occasion, yet, is heavy with the echoes of a distinct legacy.

The fabrics of intent, sustainability, and heritage

The fabrics of this collection place us in the vicinity of conscious dressing; the use of organic kala cotton for instance which is hand-picked and handspun into yarn, reflects the ingenuity of the weavers of Khamir, of the Kutch region of Gujarat. It crafts the narrative of heritage and intent all while acquainting us with India’s sustainable textile production, similar to the Herringbone Shawl Collar Blazer, a fine mosaic of passion, precision, and dexterity of the craftspeople of Uttarakhand. A heritage material magnifying the magnetism of the Kumaoni culture for a global stage, stringing with it the tenets of sustainability.

The philosophy of Nappa Dori Clothing is defined by the idea of convergence; it’s where intent and design converge in the celebration of the creative process to create a wardrobe that consists of mindful and heritage materials The magnificence of cotton twill fabric and bemberg further embody our commitment to conscious craftsmanship.

Beyond seams, the journey from Bauhaus dreams to the loom’s embrace!

The Bauhaus Movement attempted to unify different artistic explorations with its emphasis on function. Beauty is considered the highest expression of human existence, and if so, the Bauhaus Movement was the greatest achievement during the Age of Modernity.

Synthesis is an ode to this pinnacle of aesthetics that defined the twentieth century.

Crafted from premium quality sustainable fabrics, Synthesis merges purpose and design to honor the creative process; thereby, breathing the core principles of the Bauhaus Design; the muse, the inspiration into the finest fabrics.