Lighting Up Distinct Memories, One Candle A Time!

Lighting Up Distinct Memories, One Candle A Time!

Apart from being an origin of illumination, candles can also conjure up the rudiments of a storied past. The olfactory sense is directly connected to the limbic system in the brain, responsible for memory and emotions. Candles, therefore, hold a special place in our everyday lives as they ignite the wick of nostalgia, taking us back to acquaint us with moments lived to the fullest!

Relive heartening memories with distinguished fragrances and create a reposeful atmosphere with our bewitching candles.

Kindling silver-toned memories

Striking a cordial balance between the relaxing notes of mimosa, bergamot, and cardamom, the Nostalgia Glass Candle takes you on a sublime journey to dispense a soothing ambience. Taking you down the memory lane of profound memories filled with wonder, its familiar notes wrap you in an aromatic bliss.

A flame for joy and elation!

Combining the refreshing essence of clove, bergamot, and pepper, the Fresh Vetiver gives you a delightfully woody and spicy fragrance. Reminding one of the heartening occasions heavy with the tunes of joviality!

A beatific essential to embrace your get-togethers, the calming scents of this luxury candle serenade your celebrations all while maintaining a harmonious atmosphere.

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Gleaming with serenity and beyond

Evoke a sense of tranquility with the sweet fruity notes of the Temple Bliss. It is an enchanting votive candle for all the philocalists, aesthetes, and those always on the lookout for the finer things in life. Bringing up distinct memories of riveting sights from travel, alleys with the whispers of harmony, the glistening sea shore under the spell of the moon, and more, this balmy candle is ideal for creating a peaceful retreat.

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Lighting up the sparks of eternity

The spicy notes of this vivacious candle conjure up timeless moments, inherent with the poetry of eternity. Floral, lively yet deep, it invites the rhythm of the many firsts of life and the beat of soulful experiences. Unwrap distinct emotions, with the spellbinding fragrance of Aura Glass Candle, and immerse in an aromatic haven.

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Paradisiacal Showers

Merge with the freshness of petrichor with this hand-poured fragrant beauty of Rain Pillar Candle with a blend of soy wax. Soy blend candles have a stronger scent than paraffin wax versions allowing it to burn smoothly without producing soot. Recollecting the instances of euphoria it offers the essence of rain.

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Patchouli Notes of Comfort

A heavenly mix of earthy, woody, sweet, and musky scents, the Nightfall Patchouli weaves mesmeric notes to call upon memories, comforting. Nighttime lullabies, plum cakes during Christmas with a cup of hot chocolate, refreshing walks into the wilderness, the allure of the starry sky and more. Providing utmost comfort, the entrancing notes of this scented pillar candle assuage every strain and tension leaving you rejuvenated.

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Plunge into an aromatic fête-a-redolence to evoke the sprightliness of moments of the past with enriching scented candles of Nappa Dori. Hand-poured with love these cherished candles not only light up the corners of your home but also events and occasions.