Box Bags

Discover a new form of elegance with a trendy range of Nappa Dori’s leather box bags for women.

Handcrafted from genuine leather, we offer you beauty itself in different designs, colours, and geometrical sizes.

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Box Bags with a geometrical twist!

Nappa Dori box bags embody the notion of universality in terms of representing invariance, an underlying substructure that remains the same throughout the many ebbs and flows of life. Bound by geometric aesthetics the Nappa Dori box bags unravel the distinct beauty of minimalism.

... Handcrafted to detail our versatile box bags are designed to complement every occasion of the life you lead.

Functionality Personified

Functional bags go a long way to cater to diverse lifestyles and offer utility. Nappa Dori bags redefine the principles of pragmatism to merge minimalist aesthetics to facilitate the creation of versatile pieces.

Radio Sling - The modern rendition of vintage radios, the leather sling is where functionality takes refuge. Handcrafted in genuine leather, the Radio Sling is a minimalist glory you should add to your bag collection.

Levitate Bag - True to its name this minimalist leather box bag is sure to make you levitate! Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco movement the bag boasts of a spacious interior.

Narvik - A geometric wonder harmonising functionality with the refined charm of craftsmanship.

Capsule Bag - An aesthetically structured capsule designed to safeguard your essentials.

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