Classic in design but modern in function, Nappa Dori’s exclusive collection of backpacks will fulfil all your stylish needs when you’re on the move.

With a design that blends function and sophistication, we offer you quintessential backpacks in genuine leather and other exquisite fabrics for your daily commute.

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Matters of design

Pragmatic. Versatile. Functional. Nappa Dori backpacks utilize traditional skills to offer modern utility. Wieldy and minimalist they provide utmost comfort for your ritualistic commute and thrilling getaways alike!


Unravel the multifaceted compositions of function and form

Alps Backpack - Alps Backpack is where practicality and trendiness materialise in a beautiful confluence, with the emblematic detailing of minimalism it facilitates a form that is versatile and elegant. Handcrafted entirely out of genuine leather it boasts of a spacious compartment. This wieldy backpack is enhanced with meticulous stitching detail. Marked by the element of functionality this leather backpack is perfect for all your escapades.

Explorer 02 - Versatility finds its muse in Explorer 02, a multifunctional bag for the modern adventurer. Fastened with metal buckles our sturdy canvas backpack is our take on travel fundamentals.

Dean Backpack - Carrying vintage whispers of the sublime, our Dean Backpack effectively juxtaposes old-world charm with modern utility. A mosaic of function and form offers the utmost convenience. Handcrafted to detail it is accompanied by a detachable backpack strap.

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