Sling Bags

Our unique range of genuine leather Sling Bags offers you elegance when you’re on the move,

Thoughtfully designed and crafted by traditional artisans, our Sling Bags are a modern blend of utility and style.

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Chic essentials to add to your wardrobe!

Sling bags wear many hats, offering convenience, ease, and comfort while helping you store your essentials. And when merged with bespoke designs, they become a necessity for those always on the run!

Nappa Dori leather sling bags effectively integrate the principles of minimalism with functionality and this is what sets our bags apart. Functional, minimal and versatile, the Nappa Dori bags steer the expectation of modern utility by maximizing convenience! Be it a daily commute to work or a comforting stroll down your favourite alley, our range of chic slings can guide you to your destination with maximum ease!


Handcrafted to bridge the gap between classic and contemporary

Narvik - A beautifully structured sling bag that’s easy to carry and keeps your essentials safe. Pioneering an efficient storage capacity this sleek bag enhances every occasion.

Levitate - A versatile bag enhanced with a minimalist aesthetic, ideal for all your escapades.

Kisslock - Handcrafted to the finest detail this leather bag strikes the right balance between contemporary design and convention. Riveted with the essence of fine craftsmanship this bag clasps your story in it!

Steamer sling - A perfect fusion of minimalism and functionality. Offering flexibility, durability and a structured form this vintage-inspired bag seals the magic of all your journeys.

Vera handbag - Stroll down the nostalgia lane with our vintage classic efficaciously blending elegance with practicality. Featuring a spacious interior to store all of your essentials this bag facilitates a commodious bearing, ideal for every travel of yours.

Founder sling - A symphony of classic and modern, merged together. The ideal choice for your professional life, the Founder Sling is an indispensable everyday office bag, integrating the tenets of functionalism with elegance like no other!

Step into the chic side of urban minimalism with our refined classics adorning many hats!

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